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The Animal Clinic that Provides Quality Care for Cats & Dogs of all Shapes and Sizes.

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The Animal Clinic that Provides Quality Care for Cats & Dogs of all Shapes and Sizes.

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Clients Happy

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Andrey Polienko

5 stars

Good clinic. Iove the attitude and customer service. Good location, parking available, no huge waiting time.

tonya safiya

5 stars

This vet takes a lot of time explaining your animal’s health. He is very attentive and friendly. Highly recommended

Morgan Cogswell

5 stars

Very friendly, welcoming, and empathetic staff. Will treat your pet like the special beings they are. I have a pet with multiple conditions and they always take the time to listen to and address my concerns

J Kehoe

5 stars

Great people. They were there for us at end of life when we needed them most. Don't hesitate with this vet. The entire family is awesome.


5 stars

Absolutely recommended if you are looking for a safe place to neuter your cat. The price is better than everywhere. Also, the staffs are friendly and they help you alot.



At our clinic, we focus on many different aspects of your pet's health and well-being. Our services include comprehensive wellness checks, medical & preventative care, vaccinations, & more.

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15+ Years of Service

Family run, with an ever growing passion for helping your most important companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do exotics?

No, we do not currently do exotics and only service cats & Dogs.

Do you have Free Parking?

We have free client parking.
notice: non-client vehicles and vehicles parked outside of business hours may be subject to tow.

Do I have to give my puppy and kitten vaccines?

Yes, because puppies and kittens around 6-8 weeks start to experience a decline in their immunity, which was gained from their mother's milk, so it's important to give them vaccines to boost their immunity against some diseases that may be life-threatening.

Do I have to do annual vaccinations?

Yes, annual vacations are very important in order to keep a high level of immunity for various diseases that could be dangerous for your pet.

Do I have to spay or neuter my dog / cat?

It is recommended to do so due to risks of multiple diseases, and the potential for behavioral issues in an unspayed / unneutered dog or cat.

Do I need to do a fecal test every year?

It is recommended to do so in order to check if they are carrying internal parasites, for the safety of the animal as well as the human (even for indoor pets). If the test result is positive, we can give them the necessary treatment.

Is Heartworm testing important?

Yes, it is recommended to do heartworm testing yearly to ensure your pets are safe, as heartworm disease can go undetected since the pet may look healthy on the outside.

What does “Wellness” mean for my dog?

Wellness is a type of internal examination that allows us to assess organ functions, as well as detect early or hidden diseases that we can't normally detect through regular external examinations.

Do I have to do wellness every year?

Yes, It's recommended since it helps us spot any internal changes in your pet that are not obvious physically.

if you still have any question feel free to contact us!